Sunday, July 31, 2011

Apple Getting Ready for iTunes 11 Facelift

There is no secret that iTunes is poised to benefit from a deep overhaul of its design for the arrival of iTunes 11. It is a source familiar with our colleagues to remind of the iDownloadblog us. The current design of the iTunes interface has not changed since the first version. Where many of the Apple software have been entitled to lift, iTunes has remained more or less the same since its launch, despite 10 major release to its credit.

The next update, due out clearly the launch of iOS 5, should propose a radically different interface and better integration of service icloud.
The source of iDownloadBlog, the iTunes interface 11 should be more clear and sophisticated. icloud will be to him as integrated as possible. At the scene of an iTunes Store looks and works primarily as a web browser, the store should be truly integrated into the application, as an integral part.
We also learn that icloud backups, backups say, will be integrated with iTunes. This means that if you save it to your icloud iBidule, a backup is effectituée on your computer! The syncronistions applications (backups of any kind), will therefore be stored in both the cloud and on the computer.
And you dear readers, are you eager to get their hands on the new iTunes 11? The design and operation of the current version disappoint you Do they?


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