Monday, July 18, 2011

iPhone Rumors: Cheap iPhone for $350 iPhone 4S / 5 end of summer

The Number of rumors about the iPhone in May (or is it the iPhone 4S?) now take unhealthy forms. Boy Genius Report claims already to have received new information from a reliable source. Who says that Apple still cheaper (prepaid) will release iPhone that will cost around $350 with no subscription. Striking feature of the story is that sometimes the cheaper iPhone 3G iPhone could be.

Apple, the current version of the iPhone continue to sell four to create a complete product line is created: a low-cost 3G, iPhone 4 for the mid and top model iPhone as 4s or 5 will go through life. This new model will be the end of the summer revealed, probably late August.

According to earlier reports by BGR, the iPhone 5 a radically new design, but the source who thinks they have talked about something else. If the iPhone 5 (or 4S) would get a totally different one, we had already leaked case with a different design seen. It may also have to deal with that Apple has opened a crackdown on people who drop specifications leak.


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