Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Next iPhone 5 Prototype Leaked Pictures

It has been almost a year since Apple launched the iPhone 4, despite the death grip and antennage, it has capitalized on its sales compared to previous models, while the world waits anxiously for Steve Jobs and his revolution back in the waiting for the iPhone 5, several images have been claiming to be the next iPhone, while few new images have emerged, making sure the prototype is being tested to be the next Apple device to arrive in late summer.

Apparently similar to the iPod Touch today, the rumors earlier that he was a 4S iPhone update that provides a call to humble a way, the images came from a website called Sina Weibo is a platform similar to Twitter in China, due to problems with the translation details are minimal.
There are 2 interesting facts indicating the serial number that it would have been manufactured in 2009 and IOS running on the server 4, if in fact Apple is testing this should surely carry the IOS 5 and which is the version that the next iPhone run.


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