Saturday, July 16, 2011

iOS 4.3.4 available for Download Now

Apple released a new iOS 4.3.4 to fix the PDF patch 2 exploit leaked by Comex. With the release of the new jailbreak for 4.3.3 with IOS 3.0 JailbreakMe , Comex has revealed a major security flaw in the PDF in Safari Mobile. This poses a risk if you have important data on your device since an attacker could inject a virus exploiting this vulnerability. It will not take you much time to Apple to address this flaw with IOS 4.3.4 .

On the page dedicated to security in the IOS 4.3.4, states that:
"Viewing a maliciously crafted PDF file May lead to unexpected application termination or year Arbitrary code execution"
Resulting in French: "playing a malicious PDF file could cause an application crash or code execution" . Everything is set.
This update gives up any appliance, it is always the iPhone 3G and 4, the iTouch 3G and 4G, and the two iPads are concerned.
As usual, you will find direct links to download the iOS Firmware section or directly from iTunes.
If you want to keep the jailbreak you should not update your device.


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