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Google+ Screencast

Google and social networks, it does not always mix. So far, all efforts of the firm to counter the hegemony of Facebook and Twitter have ended in failure and we were finally came to believe that it does not repeat the experience. It was finally good to know evil and Google has unveiled earlier this week its new service: Google+ . Just as we have already spoken and the bottom but yours truly had not yet had the opportunity to test itself. And indeed, after receiving his invitation, he took the opportunity to shoot a screencast to discover the history of all those who have not had a chance ...

Talking about yourself in third person is a difficult and probably the best way to go for a crazy.M'enfin, knowing that I spent a lot of hours waiting for my access to Google+ (5 or 6 despite invitations from my nice friends) , this probably explains that. In any case, it is a happy and cheerful blogger who writes these lines. For we must know, dear friends, talk about Google + and test it for real, they are two different things and you will be able to find a little further down my first impressions hot.

Google+, a simple and clear Facebook

I remember like yesterday my first steps on Facebook . Oh yes, it was a memorable moment. Despite all those hours spent on the web, despite all these services under the microscope, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg appeared to me to be a very difficult to use. The interface was cumbersome, not well designed, poorly thought out and it took me several hours before finding my bearings.
This has not been the case with Google+. Clearly, the interface of Google's new social network is simply impeccable. The information is structured correctly, the icons and other symbols immediately catch the eye of the most important functions of the tool and it finally feels like home. On the left, our content, amid our news feed to the right our friends and suggestions that accompany them, can hardly be simpler. Of course, as with any social network, a period of adaptation is necessary, but we must admit that there are more easily what you seek and we groped considerably less than on Facebook.
This is also explained by the fact that Google+ offers at the moment fewer features than the latter. Rather logical since it has just opened its doors and that therefore his first steps on the web. However, what he does, he does it well and we will just look a little closer to all facets of this tool ...

Google+, structured information around the circles

Very clearly on Google+ , while from circles (or "circles" for English boys) . Circles eventually required as lists or as groups of friends. We can of course create as much as we want and just drag and drop the thrombin from our friends on the circles of our choice to allocate to them.The interface is also damn great and is sure to excite the curiosity of all budding web designers. In any case, it is not necessary to order our contacts on Facebook, you must know that this step is essential to Google +. Really necessary ...
For indeed, all information displayed on your news feed will be structured around the famous circles. In the sidebar on the left and you will find a list of our various circles and simply click on one of them to dynamically reload the content of our wall. We choose the information that we wish to "consume" and it is possible to effectively filter our news according to our expectations and our needs. Same also for the publication of a message on our wall. Again, it is possible to select the circle in which you want to go and we can easily compartmentalize our content.Rather clever, what interests our friends do not necessarily look at our boss and vice versa.
And of course, the circles are not limited to our RSS. No, they are also present in the module dedicated to photographs. Each of your albums can be shared with the circle of your choice. You fear that pictures of your last drinking do not end on the boss's office? No problem, just do not share them with your friends. It's simple to set up and the tool is very powerful.See, for example, my Google + has automatically recovered from my Picasa albums and has even retained the rights to share that I set on it. The great class!

Google +: communicate well, communicate better!

In a sense, Google+ is located halfway between Facebook and Twitter. It offers fewer options than Mark Zuckerberg's social network but it is ultimately much more complete than Twitter. As with the latter, it is of course possible to chat or share content easily with our "followers" or with any circle of our choice. On a positive note, we are not limited to text and you can swing links, our location, photographs or videos on our wall just a few clicks. Note also that the module dedicated to video is very complete, it can even search YouTube.
But Google+ also offers two additional features that make the difference. The first is simply the integration of Google Chat in the left sidebar. With one click, you can see the contacts that are connected and ready to hit the tip of fat with you. A click on their name and it starts the conversation. As with Gmail, like that proposed Facebook Chat, as private messages from Twitter but prettier, and easier and more accessible. The second feature that is just a slap in the whole competition, it is the "Hangouts" . There, man, it's heavy as this module will enable users of social network to start conversations videoconference without limitation issue involved. Whether you're two or twenty, the thing will run with onions. All you have to do is to install dedicated software and available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Once done, hop you can start a "hangout" and share it on your wall with the circle of your choice (yes, the circles are also present here) .
Racing results, Google + is suitable for use by friends who need to organize a party but also by employees of a box who wish to work together on a project without having to be in the same room. And all this is finally sublimated by the famous circles without which we could not compartmentalize enough information.

Google+ on your mobile

As you probably know, Google+ is currently available as a web, of course, but also in mobile version. Only compatible with Google Android for the moment (we understand why) , it will allow you easy access to most features of the tool. In fact, you can do everything except use "Hangouts". Too bad, it's true, but two other features are available on the mobile version of Google +, features that may be of interest to all those who communicate a lot with their laptop or using it to share pictures taken from life.
The first of these is "Huddle" . This name does not tell you anything, but maybe let's just say that this tool works a bit like BlackBerry Messenger. We can invite more members of one or more circles to start an instant chat. A bit like on MSN or Google Chat. However, at present, it is impossible to share media and files. It's a shame, but it's a safe bet that Google will add this feature in the coming weeks. And the other very nice feature is of course the "Instant Upload" . What does it serves? Well, simply send a photograph that you just take your mobile to your Google +. All this "almost" no loading times. It's frankly a very powerful tool and should change the lives of all followers of mobile reporters.
At the interface and usability of the application, we can say that Google has set the bar high but I still find that Google+ Mobile is a bit more complicated to use than Twitter. That said, as he also has a few more features than the latter, it is not so surprising as that. In a sense, the mobile application for Google's social network comes close a lot of what Facebook offers.But prettier and more polished.

Google+, and after?

The only thing that finally makes to Google+ default is the absence of groups and fan pages. No doubt, however, that Google should we book a number of surprises and that Google + enriched a number of features in the weeks in the months and years to come. As noted by the guys at Engadget the microscope by examining the source code of social network, it would seem that the firm has already begun to shape the future of its service. And if we are to believe this rumor, then two new features may soon see the day: the games and issues .Well, for questions, it would probably be something like a module Formspring, but it is ultimately the games that could well make all the difference. Especially when you consider that Google has recently invested large sums of money in a company known to all those who play a little on Facebook, including Zynga.
Of course, this is only the beginning and not the firm is likely to remain there. From my point of view, there is even a good chance it implements its own future services to its social network. It would be possible to access their Gmail, Reader in his or her Google Calendar directly from +.Same also for Google Search, Google Music or Google Voice and all the others. And then we would have shot an ecosystem as complete as Facebook but with a better interface and more ergonomic thinking than the latter. It all depends on users, for sure, but Google + frankly all the arguments for appeal. And besides, if you want to easily migrate all your contacts from Facebook to Google+ , know that it is perfectly possible and without an engineering degree in his pocket.
In short, Google + and it won me over, I think you understood. So I'll stop there and let you discover the service in the following video. Note that the invitations are suspended for now but you can still leave a comment on the rest of this article with a valid email address so I can try to invite you.


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