Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Angry Birds is available on Windows Phone 7

Do we still have Angry Birds , the famous mobile game Rovio crying with laughter that makes old people and children anemic? No, of course, since any normally constituted Geek necessarily known as such through its iOS version or Google Android. Well just, friends, you are probably aware, Angry Birds had to go out soon on Windows Phone 7, eh ... But the big good news of the day is that our nice birds just come foufou just landed on the Microsoft Marketplace. So, happy?

What you should still know is that Angry Birds was expected on the mobile platform from Microsoft for June 29 ... Rovio has kept his hair and pile it possible they likely not to please anyone waiting quietly staring at their calendar and the clock hanging above their bike. So, you will all be able to resume a normal life and go about your daily business, not without taking care to leave your credit card in advance to buy the title. A title that is also offered $2.99, it's always good to clarify.
So of course, Rovio found no better than to run on Windows Phone Angry Birds 7 even though I am in my 'phase' BlackBerry. Not having my HTC Mozart, so I unfortunately could not test the Bouzin so I'll stop there. Of course, if you want to share your feedback, you are welcome but you should already know ...


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