Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google+ test is possible without invitation? (well almost ...)

we talked about Google + and no doubt you must have more than tired of seeing this kind of fall items in your rss feed aggregator or your timeline on Twitter . A thousand apologies in advance, so as we speak, unfortunately once again the new Google social network. For indeed, what I missed last night, it's just that it is possible to test Google + without an invitation ! Yes, well not completely either since this is an interactive demonstration ...

But unlike most demonstrations of this kind, it is pretty damn good and it will test you "almost" true in some features of the tool. Why? Well Circles , Hangouts and Sparks , of course, but also the Instant Upload and Huddle . So sure, it will not replace real access to the beta social network, we completely agree, but it still allows you to spend some time while waiting for your invitation. Because here, for sure, we'll really have to take our troubles patiently.
Anyway, here are some additional remarks about the five tools presented in an interactive demo of Google + :

Circles: In a few moments, we can allocate our contacts in different circles and better structure the way we share information. Personally, that's what I've always drunk on Facebook, and I really think it would benefit a lot to offer such a function.

Hangouts: For those who did not, this is the tool dedicated to the videoconferencing group.When our friends start a conversation, we will immediately reveal a mention on our own news feed and we can join him in a single click. Apparently, there is no maximum number of participants. However, you need to know is that the person who will make the most noise will be automatically highlighted.

Instant Upload: Share photos on social networks from your mobile is always a little hassle. We shoot, we send, we expect three weights, shoot it, sends and so on. Upload now allow users to automatically send Google + their pictures in the background on their profile (in an album that will be private by default). Basically, we shoot, we shoot, we shoot and after we take care to sort and organize our photos.

Sparks: Go look for information, it takes a long time and one of the goals of Google + is precisely to make us win. Through a dedicated field, we can then throw a thematic search and subscribe to topics of our choice. On the left in the sidebar, you will find all the thematic areas recorded and simply click on one of them to appear on the right related items. It does not replace probably not a reader but it can perfectly complete it.

Huddle: Google + Huddle is what is BlackBerry Messenger BlackBerry OS. Basically, it's just an instant messaging service that will allow us to talk to several people simultaneously. Well, you see not much in the interactive demo but I think the concept will surprising.


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