Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Details on iCloud Movies and TV Shows

We now know that the next WWDC June 6, 2011 will be presented by Steve Jobs himself " and that this is an opportunity for the firm to introduce iOS 5 and icloud. Well, there's no big surprise, it's been months since we know, but it must be stressed is that a lot of articles about flower icloud. And if we are to believe all these indiscretions, then the music service dematerialized Apple might go a little further than we thought ...

Of course, what follows is to be taken lightly but if the information is verified, then icloud may soon eclipse all competitors and you'll quickly understand why. What we're almost sure of is that icloud will be able to synchronize with both a computer with a phone or a touch pad lettuce. Same thing, to enjoy the service, it is likely that one must pay a monthly subscription price which should be broadly the same as for Spotify. Finally, the service should be available from iTunes music and dematerialized risk and to mix the music library of the user.Here for points that are most likely to happen. Of course, they are not alone and we will now be able to look at other rumors that revolve around the service.
Thus, what one learns in BusinessWeek , is that the Apple service should be able to scan the user's music library to the copy on the servers of the company without having to send music over . The tool and rely on its own catalog and the various securities in the index to rebuild the library user. Interestingly, if the quality of the songs he is not terrible, but will be able icloud to get better titles in its catalog. So we will lose more of the hours and hours to upload our library to be able to enjoy from our mobile devices. Inevitably, this would be a hell of a snub to Google Music or Amazon Cloud Player . The whole question is of course whether it would work with all the titles in the library user, or only with music purchased on iTunes. After all, even when we speak of a service from Apple, eh ...
But that's not all. No, according to CNet , Apple is also in discussions with major stakeholders to propose series and movies on icloud. The negotiations would have started more than a year but they might not to reach as many studios have an exclusive contract with HBO that binds them. A contract that would prevent anyone to broadcast streaming a movie or series now moving on the chain. Not really practical to manage, we agree.
So much for rumors coolest. If you know of others, feel free to swing in response to the article.In any case, I really look forward to next Monday at history to learn more about icloud.Apple really a playing card and if the company manages to offer a more comprehensive service than the competition, then it is likely to steal the spotlight quickly.


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