Wednesday, June 1, 2011

iPhone, iCloud, iOS? What will Steve Jobs Unveiled at the WWDC 2011

It will be well on stage Monday, June 6, to present the next Apple software, announced the company.Except surprise, the new iPhone will be announced later ...

This is the place to be Apple. The WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), which brings together the developers of the Apple brand, is usually an opportunity for the company to unveil its new products and software. Once is not custom, it sent Tuesday, a press release drawing up the agenda of Monday, June 6 First confirmation: as for the presentation of the iPad 2 in March, although Steve Jobs will stop his sick leave to officiate.

iOS 5: Towards a consolidation of the notification system?

This is one of the points on which the Apple OS has the most to ashamed to face Android (especially against Honeycomb on shelves): the current notification system is widely regarded as too intrusive, with its nuisance alerts that s 'display as text messages, without offering history. Most analysts expect the redesign, and the arrival of widgets, those small dynamic modules that allow for example to have the weather or the calendar on the screen without having to launch an app. According TechCrunch , Twitter is also integrated with iOS 5, including sharing with one click of the image, the image of what already exists on Windows 7 Phone with Facebook .

Mac OS X Lion: greater convergence with iOS?

Steve Jobs has said repeatedly : Apple wanted to "inject  OS X Lion Features in iOS." The company has already launched its App Store for Mac, with software being purchased and installed with one click. Its operating system will also include a launchpad, a special screen to launch apps, derived from that of the iPad.

iCloud: the sauce to bind it all over the Internet

The name is official, but details are not known with certainty. Apple talks about his upcoming "services in the cloud." icloud should be more than a simple update of MobileMe . According to the Wall Street Journal , Apple has managed agreement with the majors to allow the user to access their music collection from anywhere (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad , PC). Google and Amazon have launched their service without the support of the industry, demanding royalties, so we must send all its files manually to the storage space, a tedious when his library weighs several gigabytes. Apple could simplify the while scanning the user's iTunes library. Remains whether only titles officially purchased from the iTunes store would be accessible online or if the offer would include any MP3, including those obtained illegally. icloud could also be used to sync photos or files. No detail was available about the price (79 € per year for 20 GB of storage with MobileMe).

iPhone 4S: conspicuously absent?

The last three generations of iPhone (3G, 3G, 4) were presented at the WWDC.But in his program, Apple has made no reference to new material. For several weeks, experts and analysts rely on a more late for a release in the fall, a model that would be an iPhone 4 somewhat faster, with a camera boosted to 8 megapixels. Unless Steve Jobs decided to surprise everyone with its traditional 


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