Thursday, June 2, 2011

Google +1: The officially websites button is available for download

The official Google +1 button for websites is available for download. A very simple button named "+1" and allowing users to vote for their favorite websites. Yes and the best is yet to come as these famous votes are taken into account in the algorithm of the search engine. More users vote for your articles, and so they have more chances to go up in Google results. And that's not all, of course, since Google + 1 may also play an important role in future social network that the company probably will come out soon ...


Google's previous attempts to break into the highly lucrative social networks were all unsuccessful. Google Wave Buzz, these two services have failed to win against the heavyweights of the genre - Twitter and Facebook in mind - and many users would be diverted.Eric Schmidt is well aware of this failure , but firm has not said its last word because of persistent rumors suggest that Google may soon put the cover and run well in the coming months a brand new social network. And to promote it more easily, it should be based largely on the popular search engine, of course. In a sense, we can say that Google + 1 is nothing less than the first stone of the building that the firm is currently building. The second, of course, is the profile of the user who has recently undergone a facelift saving and putting just highlight all the web pages for which he voted. There is thus a new tab called "+1", which centralizes all the information.
To conclude this brief presentation of a Google, you just remember that this feature is currently available on the U.S search engine version it should soon be deployed to all users. History and pave the way, Google has decided to make every effort to more effectively promote its new service.

What does the button "1"

There are now dozens and dozens of buttons for our sites and blogs. Wikio, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, all based services office or on the collaborative offer such tools. The biggest challenge for Google, it was therefore stand out from the competition and to encourage bloggers and Webmasters to use this new button. Not easy, certainly, and probably what prompted the firm to roll out the red carpet.
The greatest strength of Google is of course its search engine. A search engine well established in most Western countries and easily passes the bar fateful 90% market share in Europe .Linking the button "1" with the search algorithm used by the browser is not trivial. More Articles reap your votes, and they will be better positioned in search engine results. And we know, better positioned to pages, but also an increase in traffic but also revenue for those who monetize their sites and blogs. The message is clear: one with Google, you'll earn more without doing anything!

How to install the button "+1" on our sites?

If you have already installed the buttons on your sites, then you'll have no trouble installing the button "1" because it works exactly the same way as others. We went on a dedicated page , you check the options before us, we grab the generated code and paste it on to where you want to display the button. Simple and effective.
Speaking of options, be aware that Google has been pretty generous on that side. To begin, the button "1" is available in several sizes: small (15 px tall) , medium (20 px) , standard (24 px)or large (60 px) . If you want your button facing the same size as that of Twitter and Facebook, it will opt for the medium size. A little further down, there is also a combo that allows us to choose the language of the button. As mentioned earlier in this article, a Google is currently only available on the U.S search engine version but you can still select your language. Hits will in any way taken into account. Further down, there are also advanced options that allow you to display or not the counter and a lot of other things. This will set the button behavior or to associate a specific address.


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