Tuesday, June 21, 2011

iTunes Match Recognizes songs through Gracenote

iTunes Match is a new service from Apple , which you can convert music purchased elsewhere for iTunes songs.But how soon the match iTunes link between an obscure song with wrong track and artist name and the millions of iTunes database?Gracenote has secretly reveals through their Facebook fan page.They reported that iTunes Music is powered by Gracenote, the same method already used if you want to rip a CD into iTunes.Using the Gracenote database is determined to what song it is.The technology is that Apple has licensed MusicID mentioned.It is given metadata such as artist name, but also the audio sound.

The latter is not entirely new, as Shazam also analyzes the sound waves if you want to identify a song.iTunes does not match with some spectacular new recognition technology, but 'normal' with Gracenote.Do you have a 128 kbps song version, then Apple trades for $24.95 per year for a 256 kbps version.Are there Gracenote numbers that is not recognize, you can still upload to the icloud, so you do your iOS devices can listen to.


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