Monday, June 20, 2011

iPhone Cydia Tweak: CameraLock, a Camera Lock Button for a Jailbroken iPhone

Function the most incredible and most revolutionary iOS 5 , it is obviously the integration of the "lock screen" of a camera button to launch the application related to the extent not unlock the iDevice. Well,we laugh, we laugh, but it's handy for those who can not help but send Twitter photos of Pedro, the sweet little dachshund of the lady on the ground floor.And unless you have a developer account or applying this little trick , no one can enjoy the moment.Person?Well, not really since implementation has been released on Cydia and allows you to do exactly the same thing: CameraLock .

And be careful because the best is yet to come: this famous icon is fully customizable.Basically, by pressing it is integrated into the application that will run IOS, of course, but you can also opt for a concurrent application as + Camera , Camera geniue s or ... Instagram .Kind if you use very often this nice service to share incredible and brief moments of your daily fascinating is clear that you're going to throw it quickly.The funny, ultimately, is that this application is more comprehensive than that provided for iOS 5.

Yes but now, to find CameraLock on Cydia, you will have to start by adding a new source, namely .Once done you can just swing a little research on Cydia to find your true happiness and true.


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