Tuesday, June 21, 2011

iPhone Rumor: iPhone 5 will be Release on September 7 with iOS 5

According to the International Business Times , the iPhone 5 released beginning September and the site is a play on September 7 , a Wednesday. The keynote presentation could take place the day before, so a Tuesday, which would be more in line with the usual policy of Apple's communication.Not surprisingly, the iPhone would come out with five iOS 5 which was presented this month at the developer conference and come out in July according to the site.Mass production of the iPhone 5 also begin this summer, probably also next month.

This scenario now seems fairly well established, but it remains unknown: if the iPhone was released in September, what happens to the iPod  ?In previous years, the month of September was just spent by the renewal of the Apple iPod range, of Apple TV and iTunes online stores. If the iPhone 5 will be is presented in September, it is possible that Apple also shifts the output of new iPod. The update should in any case take place before the holiday season, the traditional peak sales for Apple.


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