Tuesday, June 14, 2011

iPhone 5 Confirmed for September, Now in Final Testing Phase

The rumor did not budge: it will be September or nothing! Indeed, the iPhone 5 is again scheduled for later this year, and this information that adds credence to the rumor existing, comes straight from the site 9to5Mac . 9to5Mac would have learned a likely source working in the U.S. operator Verizon, specifically the details given on the CDMA model sold by a competitor of the other giant of the mobile phone: AT&T.

In April, the indicators of rumors had led us to announce the month of September as the likely date of release of a new iPhone. Remember, at the time agreed almost all the rumors on information such as: the model should display a similar design to the iPhone 4, while being provided with a more powerful processor ... In short, a iPhone 4S sum and not an iPhone 5, the image of the iPhone 3G, more swift successor of the iPhone 3G.

This time, according to 9to5Mac, the new iPhone 4S, 5? Would simply come in the final part of its testing phase. The icing on the cake, the site provides information revealed in the SDK files in this device, which indicates that the optical sensor board is always the same, namely a 5 mpx.
Nevertheless, these data were quite able to evolve over the weeks (and may change between now and September) and do not mean maybe the final model, especially as the competition now offers powerful smartphones and complete to the image of S Galaxy II suffers only from its finish far below what Apple offers with the iPhone 4, or the Feeling-HTC, and Apple has had to revise its specifications to offer the end of the year, a model to match that offer HTC, Samsung and others.

We can speculate that strong competition is probably causing the delay in marketing the iPhone 4S / 5, Apple has scaled back its plans and delaying the exit from the iPhone to make future at the same level as the competition ...


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