Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apple's iTunes Store will cost $1.3 billion per year

Asymco analyst has brought out interesting information about the cost of iTunes. According to this agency cost Apple more than 1.3 billion U.S. dollars annually to the iTunes Store, run them. They calculated on the basis of known figures, such as the number of songs, movies, TV shows and downloaded apps. Also they took the number of iTunes account in the calculation and the amount of money that Apple has distributed to developers.  Was then deducted from the average price of a song and app, to derive a monthly content margin.
Asymco thinks the cost of iTunes are $113 million per month. So you come on over 1.3 billion U.S. dollars annually.
During the last Keynote, Apple all key figures for the calculation:
  • 15 billion iTunes music downloads
  • 130 million books downloads
  • 14 billion appdownloads
  • $ 2.5 billion paid to developers
  • 225 million accounts
  • 425,000 iOS apps
  • 90,000 iPad apps
  • 100,000 gaming and entertainment titles
  • Gamecenter 50 million accounts
Asymco also believes that the iTunes store breaks even run for Apple. The profit made ​​is immediately spent on maintenance and expansion. The bulk of the money goes to host the store, including traffic and checkout. A smaller portion is paid to so-called support and curation , making lists of recommended songs, new entrants and favorites from the Apple staff. All the money that remains is to expand the storage capacity and other services.
Asymco confirming what Apple itself has said previously: billions of songs and apps, but there is little profit . CFO Peter Oppenheimer said during a question and answer session:
Regarding the App Store and the iTunes stores, Those we are running a bit about break even And That hasn't changed.


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