Monday, June 13, 2011

TweakWeek Challenge SwishUnlock, SpotURL, TheftAlarm, verticalAppToApp

In recent days started TweakWeak Challenge , an event consisting of several developers together to give us every day a new tweak.
Today we begin the second week of the Challenge. After Ryan Petrich , the first week, it's now the turn of the developer Filippo Bigarella show us what he is capable. With a few days late, here are the last 4 tweaks the developer:

SwishUnlock to unlock your iPhone with a double slide. you must slider to the right then to left, instead of just to the right to unlock it normally. Not very useful ...

SpotURL will open a web link from Spotlight. After typing your link bar das Spotlight, you should see "Web search" on the screen.

TheftAlarm plays a role of theft. the alarm goes off when someone will touch the iDevice. It uses the accelerometer.
VerticlaAppToApp , for an animated vertical when you switch from one application to another. When you switch from one application to another, the switch is horizontal, and well VerticalAppToApp will simply change the animation by making vertical!
Find all these tweaks for free on Cydia under the source


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