Saturday, June 11, 2011

iOS 5 UISettings widget available in Cydia

Immediately after the jailbreak of iOS 5 beta 1 appeared technically possible for widgets to the Message Center (Notification Center) iOS 5 development. Apple supplies the Stocks and Weather widgets, but has not disclosed or third-party developers can create widgets yourself. The jailbreak community has not however been waiting for: a widget that was previously only "Hello World" could say, but now there Cydia through the  iOS 5 useful widget version known UISettings. This helps you quickly Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness control and other functions. The widget can only be used on the iPhone and iPod touch , because the iPad Message Center has not yet been implemented.

UISettings was already available in Cydia, multitasking as an extension of the bar. Now the developer of the app completely rewritten to a widget is in iOS 5. There are shortcuts for a quick or ring, a switch for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a button for flight mode and brightness adjustment. This is slightly narrower than the popular UISettings SBSettings tweak. Do you want to install this widget, you have a phone with jailbreak and 5 needed IOS. The widget can be downloaded from the website of the developer ( to add the repo).

If Apple do not allow widgets in the Message Center, we can a large flow of widgets from third-party developers via Cydia expect.


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