Thursday, June 9, 2011

Install and Activate iOS 5 on the iPhone without having an account registered UDID developer

The iOS 5 is currently in beta and available only for developers.
Although already leaked on torrent networks , could not successfully complete the upgrade process because in the final step, the activation is necessary for the UDID the device is registered to a developer account.
Until now, the alternative to paying $99 for a developer account was used a third-party services that offer UDID enable your iPod Touch / iPad / iPhone for $8 on average.
However, s and has discovered a hack that lets you turn the device iOS 5 without the need for the UDID activated.

The exploit in question is based on a security flaw discovered in the activation screen. Next steps
1. Download, update and installation of iOS 5
  •  Download iOS May (IPSW file) from torrent sites
  •  Connect the device to your computer and run iTunes, click on the " Check for Update "button holding down the Option on the Mac or Shift on Windows
  •  Select the previously downloaded file corresponding IPSW
  •  Wait until the update is complete and display the activation screen.

2. Power of iOS 5 using the activation backdoor exploit.
  •  Triple-click the Home button. This will activate the Voice Over
  •  Triple-click the Home button and displayed  Emergency Call
  •  Press in Emergency Call and while changing, sliding three fingers from the top of screen
  •  This will display the Notification Center
  •  Press on the weather widget to load the application
  •  Press the Home button to exit the springboard

Completed these two steps, your iPhone will be activated with the iOS 5!
Note :
  •  I recommend saving blobs iOS SHSH 4.3.3 on your device before restoring the iOS 5
  •  SHSH blobs iOS 4.3.3 device to be able to return from iOS 5 to iOS 4.3.3 if there were problems when updating
  •  It seems that with this hack you can not make calls, wireless service stops working
  •  If you can not return the iOS 5 beta 4.3.3 IOS unfortunately your device will become unusable after the beta expires. You'll have to wait until RTM iOS 5
  •  Works on iPhone and iPod Touch
  •  When connected to iTunes does not recognize, there are problems and soliciting for
  •  Error 3002 in iTunes displays if you try to upgrade, try clicking Restore


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