Thursday, June 9, 2011

iOS 5 Missing Features on the iPhone 3G

iOS 5 will be compatible with the iPhone 3G is a certainty. Clearly, it was one of the biggest expectations for users of 3G iPhone rumors as announced otherwise. It remains to be seen whether some features are missing and the answer is yes.
After various tests 9to5mac , it follows that the major novelties are at the rendezvous on the iPhone 3G.

Functions compatible with iPhone 3G:
  • Center notifications
  • Widgets
  • Twitter integration
  • Grid on the camera
  • Reading List this in Safari
Functions not compatible with iPhone 3G:
  • Red-eye correction on the photos
  • Image Editing
  • Reader bar in Safari
  • RSS Function
  • Options for HDR photos
By the next beta version, perhaps some features will appear!


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