Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apple to have FaceTime via 3G?

There were already rumors that Apple will use 3G on FaceTime will allow. But in May are now subject IOS concrete clues to find. A reader of 9to5mac made ​​a screenshot showing that it is also possible through 3G to face timing . Moreover it is the operators or the use of FaceTime they actually allow. Especially in the Middle East appear quite eager to face the operators time to block, even though it currently only works over Wi-Fi. By someone with video calling minutes walk operators used wrong.

The chance of Dutch will allow operators to use over 3G, does not seem so great. It appears that the (limited) amount of data that applications such WhatsApp cause, but also hard to tolerate.Thanks a jailbreak was already possible to use 3G by FaceTime.


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