Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iMessage Surprise to Operators and already have an impact on the RIM BlackBerry Messenger

When we talk iMessage, we talk first with the famous likeness of BlackBerry RIM Messenger. If Apple released this software is not only to annoy the Canadian company, it continues to transform the operators in single supplier of pipes. The story is that the leaders of the mobile operators have learned from Apple's "good news" at the same time as everyone else during the keynote.

Because for the Apple brand, the goal is clear: to denigrate the SMS, a very lucrative business in many countries for the operators. Recently, we had fun to do the following calculation (read: Google and Verizon: end of net neutrality? ): 2009 SMS, by its nature less than or equal to 1120 bits (real peccadillo) are charged an average 0.042 euros in France, that is at best 17 ​​times more expensive than a bit on Minitel transited or even 81 million times the price of a bit passed through ADSL ...

Since Apple launched the iPhone with the success that everyone knows, she maintains a complex relationship with operators. By multiplying the services and features around its terminals, it seeks to undermine their role as much as possible.

Undoubtedly, IMessage recalls BlackBerry Messenger: this system of communication between users iOS 5 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch allows to exchange text messages, images and videos, from person to person or group, and incorporates a system of receipts and reading. In short, a perfect functional duplicate, integrating the current system of SMS and MMS, with the advantage of totally free.

As reported by the Economic Times , the threat against RIM is strong enough that investors tremble and fall of the share of Canadian society is accentuated even more. The maker of BlackBerry, which the messaging system has made ​​its reputation (RIM started in the world of pager and instant communication), forfeits is a new selling point (on which he relies also much currently).

RIM has not said its last word: it has just acquired Scoreloop, thereby indicating its interest in mobile gaming and social development. One area, we know, which is rich iOS hours.

However, Apple does not win every time. The Cupertino company has had to walk back a few months ago when they learned she plancha with Gemalto on an iPhone with integrated SIM card (read: special SIM card: Apple is working to eliminate operators ). With such a system, Apple could completely dispense with the operators in the sales process, customer purchasing a phone first, and then selecting the package to the card.

Yet another failure of Apple to impose FaceTime 3G. Besides the technical constraints that it represents in relation to flow in particular, for operators, this would allow voice over IP. The latter for most of them opposed the idea, so that the voice plans are their turf. They might be more receptive if they could charge FaceTime, but it is highly unlikely that Apple is open to that possibility.


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