Friday, June 17, 2011

Facebook Photo Sharing App, an Instagram Killer

Facebook may be planning to launch a photo sharing app like instagram to take advantage of 6.000 million photos uploaded to social network members every month.How will you do? 

Apparently, Facebook is trying to exploit the recent success of applications for iPhone and share photos or color Instagram launching its own application.The online publication TechCrunch claims to have received a series of images and documents relating to plans to launch a Facebook application that would seek individual profit of more than 6.000 million photos uploaded to social network members every month.

The proposed application of uploading photos on Facebook, which should be secret, it seems a combination of three popular applications on the App Store.On the one hand, Path, for sharing photos and short videos up to 50 people.Furthermore, Instagram, a photo sharing application that has filters and effects as well as Color, which displays photos of people who are close to you based on your GPS coordinates.

What is not yet known is how the application works, but TechCrunch describes it as "incredible" and "impressive."A snapshot of the screen shows a series of photographs arranged chronologically one below the other on the screen.One is a photo album, while the other two photos appear to be labeled.
It also has a camera button and what appears to be a notification icon in the bottom right and a menu button on the left.This interface is much more focused on the current photos of Facebook that can be found on the official iPhone application, which only show small thumbnails and album information at a glance.

In general, this alleged Facebook photo application for free could be a standalone application, you might call or WithPeople Hovertown.Another possibility is that this interface was integrated into the current official Facebook application, replacing the old menu of photos and functionality would be integrated also in the home page.
Until now, Facebook claims to have about 100 million users who use their mobile applications to update their status, so should there be improvements in functionality for images could deter many users when using third party applications to share photos.In any case, if early indications are correct, the Facebook application would have no editing functionality available as Instagram or location and color, yet would, by far, a major threat to Instagram, Color or Path.


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