Monday, June 20, 2011

Kaspersky: Apple iOS users at risk

" Apple is the only protection can offer for iPhone - and iPhone users, but the company has no security expertise and brings its users at risk."says CEO Nikolay Grebennikov of the Russian virus producer Kaspersky across the UK WebComputing . He believes that Apple's IOS within one year open for other developers to be successful.

Android grab more market share and becoming much more open than Apple's IOS.It is easier to develop applications, as well beveilingingssoftware. "
The frontman of this statement does Kaspersky is not surprising.After all, the company earns money selling software from viruses, trojans and worms.Moreover, the company boasted in 2008 that they have a virus scanner for IOS behind their hands, if needed.Still, given the ruling Grebennikov currently little agreement.IOS you run relatively safe and there has never been a major malware outbreak.
The website Softpedia , the frontman of Kaspersky partly right.They argue: "It can not be that IOS will be forever free from hackers.As seen on Mac OS area, attract popular natural systems to hackers and malware.It's only a matter of time. "


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