Thursday, June 23, 2011

Concept: What IMessage on Mac OS X Could Give

Newly available on iOS 5, IMessage is the new Apple protocol to send messages between devices in a free iOS (iPhone and iPad). Now is for developers with iOS 5 beta 1 and gets pretty good ratings. Indeed, many have found that real returns usability is felt both on the speed on the practical side. In a few seconds your device will detect if the caller has a phone, music player or the Apple tablet. But that's only mobile Apple users can benefit.Those are the Mac - so far - denied the privilege. But the first concepts begin to arrive.

Jan-Michael Cart - a creative concept that had become known for those on iOS 5 - now brings his vision and is already thinking about tomorrow. It demonstrates and shows how he sees things. Simple, clear, one might think that this is a video made by Apple.

As with FaceTime, the Mac App Store may in future be given an application for Mac IMessageThe price would probably be $99. It remains to see how Steve Jobs and his team see the future. Because we remember, Mac OS X Lion takes advantage of some iOS features.


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