Friday, June 24, 2011

iPhone users at Wi-Fi network more than Android users on the move

In a recent study by comScore has revealed that iPhone users more than twice as many Wi-Fi networks for their data to win over Android users.In figures, this 47.5% to 21.7%, respectively. If we look at data usage, this is for IOS completed 53% and 78% about Android.

ComScore analyzed 13 countries including Europe, America and Asia and came to this conclusion. The company also looked at the percentage of (both mobile and WiFi networks using) data non-winning computers. In Canada, for example, the iPhone accounted for 34.6% of all traffic that came from non-computers and the iPhone for 33.5%. In the same country had Android devices only accounted for 8.6% traffic. The iPod touch scored a share of 14.9%. In Singapore, Australia, Chile and Japan's share of the iPhone, even to 50%.

The author of the message AllThingsD wonders why iPhone users (in America) such a high percentage of data over wireless networks within reach, but there is no immediate explanation for it. He raises the possibility of the expensive data plans from the U.S. provider AT & T, but a study of Meraki also a possible answer to this question. Meraki is a company that companies like Starbucks and Burger King provide WiFi hotspots and is active in over 140 countries. The company looked at the types of devices that connect to their network. Of the 40 million users was 32% with an iPhone, but while connecting to Android users account for 11%. That would be an explanation for the high rate of data traffic over WiFi networks that were previously mentioned.

In the study, some interesting figures published on the iPhone . These figures and explain them to you our sister site read.[Via AllThingsD and TUAW .]


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