Thursday, June 23, 2011

Apple is working on its own GPS navigation software for the iPhone

For some time now, many indications that Apple is working on its own GPS navigation software for iPhone . In December, the firm had made ​​job offers for developers to "computational geometry or graph theory." The offer stated that "experience in developing GPS navigation solutions" was "desirable." 
Today, MacRumors has found several clues in iOS 5 showing that Apple is working well and truly in the field of cartography even if Apple and Google have renewed their agreement on Google Maps.

 In legal iOS 5 (Settings> General> About> Legal Notice) a new section entitled "Map Data" has emerged. In this list there are competing companies that Google in the field of cartography. There are, for example TomTom , publisher of the application of the same name on the App Store, or Waze service real-time traffic referred to by Apple as part of the "case Consolidated.db." None of the companies appear in the imprint of IOS 4, evidence that the agreements have been made ​​recently.
A priori, these agreements mean that Apple is currently developing its own service, Google Maps that would replace or at least in part. We remember that with the arrival of iOS 3, Apple had abandoned the Skyhook service, leading the field in favor of its own based WiFi triangulation.


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