Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apple Launches a New Time Capsule

Most people who have a Mac at home (or even at work) know the Time Capsule , this funny little external drive that works with Time Machine without having to be connected to the bottom of your bike. So far, Apple only offered two models of Time Capsule: The first featured a 1TB drive and the second pushed the deputy to 2TB Yes, well aware that the firm has just upgrade range and we will obviously talk about (soon) a little lower in the article.

Quickly, because there is finally little to say about it. In fact, the only thing that has changed is the ability of both models on the Apple Store. First Time Capsule now offers a storage capacity of 2 TB , while the second goes up to 3 TB . The rest is exactly the same thing and I must admit that it is rather disappointing. Of course, the arrival of icloud should bring new features to the lettuce capsules but we regret the absence of essential functions frankly when it comes to backup. Why? Well, the RAID, such ... same goes also for those looking for a solution to centralize their media library and can not do much of the new Time Capsule since the latter does not include any technologies that the found on the NAS competition.
Since there is, you should know that the Time Capsule is not the only product that the company has just updated. She has the opportunity to launch its new AirPort Extreme . And again, we looked good, we do not really see what it brings up compared to the previous model ... m'enfin, if you can find something to put in their mouths, I promise, this article will be edited accordingly.


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