Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Final Cut Pro X is available on the Mac App Store!

Good news for all professional assemblers who are working on Mac or Uncle Teddy, who often goes on vacation on nudist beaches, Apple has just released Final Cut Pro X . Software that was presented earlier in the year and finally used the first day of summer to land on the Mac App Store. Yes, but the best is yet to come since it will cost you "only" $299.99. Not huge, for sure, but it must still relative price. Why? Just because Motion and Compressor are sold separately. In all cases, to learn more about it, everything is in the rest of the article.


What you should know about Final Cut Pro X is that the engineers of the firm are starting completely from scratch and have thus produced a new tool that moves a lot from previous versions. A bit like iMovie'09 if my memory serves me tricks. So, Apple took the opportunity to develop a new engine, certainly, but also to move its software in 64-bits. This also means that take into account all these bars of RAM that cost you an arm and a head and sleeping quietly in your Mac. Also for the technical side of things, you also know that Final Cut Pro X was built onCore Animation on Grand Central and OpenCL . Not being an expert on the subject, I will not comment on the subject but can only say that this new version should be much more efficient than the last as it takes now part of multi-core processing and GPU machine.
The interface of Final Cut Pro X also benefited from a facelift saving. We thus find a huge and unique window (full screen) inside which allows you to manage a masterly your video project. I think one of the features that most impressed the public during the presentation of the tool, the timeline is "magnetic" which should ensure a better grip, especially when juggling a large number tracks. For the latter, note also that the audio and video are now linked to each other to facilitate the layout of the project but it is still possible to separate them if necessary.These are just details and the list is not exhaustive so please feel free to fill in the comments.
Price later, Final Cut Pro X is available on the Mac App Store to $299.99   but it will cost $49.99 extra for Motion and $49.99 for Compressor. This means that the "pack" full cost you finally just under $360. Finally, it is also clear that this tool will be available exclusively on the Mac App Store and you will not find boxed at the Apple Store.However, the software still weighs just over 1.30 GB so it will have to heat your box to retrieve it.


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