Friday, May 27, 2011

Renewed notification system and widgets iOS 5, no new iPhone at WWDC

Apple's annual developer conference WWDC still leaves just over one week to wait, but there is already plenty of speculation that the company would have in store for us. TechCrunch mentioned that the might have received information that Apple will unveil really stressing that it is not a new iPhone, as speculated in the last few days. Until now, Apple launched a new iPhone every year during WWDC.In announcing the dates for WWDC was already clear that this year mainly software would go: "Join us for a preview of the future of IOS and Mac OS X , it fell in March at the invitation to read .

Yesterday it became clear that Apple's iPhone PR team invited British and Australian journalists would have the keynote, which traditionally opens the conference. The conclusion that many sites link to it is that something 'big' was going, with a new iPhone immediately passed in review.According to TechCrunch, however, is not so obvious. The website states that the same PR team is also responsible for the IOS software and that Apple wants to journalists in San Francisco because they are "big announcements" for software field would go.
That sounds plausible. The expectation is that Apple is not only a completely new version of the IOS operating system will introduce, but will give more information about Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, the next major update to Mac OS X operating system. It has even been suggested that the operating system almost ready for the general public. Both operating systems is an extensive preview at WWDC expected. Additionally, Apple is possibly the replacement for MobileMe and now notorious music service ' iCloud 'official launch.
TechCrunch says more information about IOS 5. The website reiterates what we already knew: the operating system gets enhanced support for the speech recognition technology from Nuance, which many tasks via voice commands can be executed. Small detail is that the technology is not active in the Voice Control feature, which is precisely where you would expect. At least in the internal builds of iOS 5 that Apple is currently testing. According to TechCrunch it would still be able to change because the new software, expected to be launched no later than  Fall.
Two other features in iOS 5 are likely a lot of people happy: a new notification system and widgets. The software is a "completely new" notification system. In February this year has already surfaced a rumor that Apple was planning notification system (for SMS messaging, push notifications, etc.) all the way to go throw. An insider said that the time before Apple would want to buy a small company that has an application in the App Store. The name of Boxcar was then immediately called, but since then it has been quiet. With or without help from Boxcar, it appears that IOS 5 a whole new notification system will bring. Further details on the new notification system and the widgets are unfortunately missing.
With widgets you can consider the possibility of active applications to the homescreen. It would then be a Facebook application to keep or to Twitter. Other options include weather and stock quotes. Many mobile operating systems like Android and Windows Phone 7, use that opportunity to quickly being able to access certain information, without you having a specific application to get things done


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