Friday, May 27, 2011

More Details about the iOS 5

At a little over a week of submitting iOS 5, the possibility that the system be provided with widgets is back on the table. According to  TechCrunch this feature is planned and will be accompanied by a complete overhaul System notifications (which is not bad ...). The site adds that in the current beta versions of IOS Voice Control function 5 would not budge. Even as one pays a significant role in speech recognition technologies from Nuance.

With regard to notifications, their overhaul was already raised in February by CultofMac. At that time the idea was that Apple was going to buy an editor competent in this field. Just as she had committed services Rich Dellinger , the inventor of the notifications in WebOS. Nothing new has come on the side of the repurchase Dellinger is still in Cupertino.

Finally, 9to5google written on its side we should not expect a change of supplier in the implementation plans iOS. Google is still in the game, despite Apple's acquisition of smaller companies specializing in the field. This does not complete the service with Google technology of these two acquisitions.


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