Saturday, May 28, 2011

iOS 5 MobileNotifier to Replace Push Notifications?

Peter Hajas, creator MobileNotifier on Cydia, announced its decision to develop the tweak to 230,000 downloads. Via his blog , the man expressed wish to take a break and reassures that MobileNotifier will always be in good hands with several people. But more interestingly, Peter does not say the reason for a sudden stop. " I can not say why, but it's worth it. Believe me. If you look around, you'll probably guess. . " Apple has hired Peter Hajas it?

yesterday, we reported iOS 5 will certainly push notifications of a facelift [read: iOS 5: Push notifications completely revised and widgets ]. If you follow Apple news (ie, current jailbreak) closely, you're not missed MobileNotifier on Cydia. We had it already announced the end of February. This was followed by several alternatives on YouTube and social networking with other developers. By these concepts, concepts and there. Some have caught the eye.

Today, it remains to determine if Peter Hajas just decided to take a break like any human or focus to work with Apple on its successful project to iOS 5.

He was recruited by Apple (or another), to help overhaul the iOS nicationsotif system? It gives some clues to help speculating, explaining that he can not reveal the reason for this decision, but it's worth, and you just " well look at what is happening all around to understand . " But at the same time, he promises to future open source applications.

He concluded his note on the phrase "stay hungry and stay foolish" (be insatiable, be mad), the word about the conclusion of Steve Jobs during his speech at Stanford in 2005. Maybe a coincidence


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