Thursday, May 26, 2011

Angry Birds: how to unlock all levels in the web version

Rovio has caused a sensation when the official announcement of Chrome OS by launching a web version of Angry Birds. A free version and playable directly from our browsers.Great, great, but the trick a little heavy, is that we of course will eat all levels of title and therefore start from the beginning. Not forgetting of course the special levels, the Chrome Dimension, are always Blocked for now ... Fortunately, friends, there is a tiny tip of nothing that will allow you to unlock all levels of the game! Although it's in more ...

Some of you may not know but will soon Rovio (well it's probably not right away) a very useful tool which simply allow players to synchronize their parts Angry Birds. Rather practice especially that enough of us to play this title for several different devices. And you have to type all the levels again and again, on your mobile phone as on your touch pad, it can get very very fast swelling. Especially when you send galleys to death to win three stars ... No, really, eh, sometimes it's just discouraging.
Of course, for the moment, we do not yet know if Angry Birds Sync (this is the name of the tool) will work with the version chromesque "Angry Birds but there are still chances that Rovio think all those who do not necessarily afford a mobile art or digital brand new slate. At least we hope so. That said, meanwhile, the guys Browser Scene (that come straight from Download Squad) has nabbed a mere trick that will allow you to unlock all levels of the title. All? Yes, all, all completely, absolutely everyone.

How are we doing? Well for starters, we open a new tab and it goes to the website dedicated to the game by following the following address: . Then you paste the following script into your address bar: javascript: var i = 0 while (i <= 69) {localStorage.setItem ('level_star_' + i, '3?) i + +;} window. location.reload (); " . Okay, it's a bit long to copy but the copy / paste is your friend. Once the code is copied into the address bar, simply press the Enter key on your keyboard and the page will recharge automatically. Here, under your very eyes, you will find all levels unlocked with the three stars that go well and everything.
Only thing a little weird with me, the trick works on Google Chrome. As you probably know, the title is playable on any browser but apparently the script does not properly everywhere. Kind of Firefox and Safari, nothing happens. M'enfin in all cases, if you have very very ashamed of having yielded to temptation and want to back off, you just have to throw this script into the address bar of your browser: javascript: var i = 1 while (i <= 69) {localStorage.setItem ('level_star_' + i, '-1?) i + +;} window.location.reload (); " . And presto, all levels will be blocked again, as if by magic ...


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