Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Posters Made With Lego

One of the great fashions of the moment is to reproduce posters of recent films using Lego ....Although we have already seen a good number of flowering selections of any kind on the web but that it has at least the merit of recent films or future. So if you want to see what could give X-Men First Class, Part 2 Hangover or Green Lantern with our sweet little square characters, everything is in the following section.

And they're not super well since it now has held the Festival de Cannes. Suddenly, the film is completely in the spotlight right now and these pretty posters fall right into the subject. Of course, some of these are more successful than others, it is a fact, but we appreciate what it is the job of the designer behind. Speaking of which, it should also know that all these posters were made ​​by some Old Red Japoly and that this selection comes straight from Abduzeedo . If you are interested in digital design, for sure, the name of this site should not speak ill. In all cases, for this article, you will find a selection of their selection (logic) so if you want to know more, just click on the links just above.

Oh, and just history that realizes the differences between the original posters and those that have been reworked, I took the part of all put them side by side. That said, if you want to view a larger image, it's not complicated, just click on it.


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