Friday, May 20, 2011

Geolocation use shelves, reading and smartphones

study conducted in the United States suggests that television and the bed are the places favored by owners of tablets, electronic reading lights and smartphones . Nielsen conducted a 0000 survey of 12 users of these devices.
A large majority of users of tablets (70%) say use it while watching television. They are 68% smartphone side, but drops to 35% among owners of reading lights. The latter would rather take their device in bed (61%).

This can be explained: the book is in paper or electronic form, its place of consumption may remain the same. It will always read better in a quiet place that in front of a TV show. Conversely, the shelves invite a consumer content more varied, even distracted, they flit from one application to another by following the TV in one eye. However, 51% of users still carry the tray into the room.
Other differences to overcome, those uses in transit. The smartphone will find their natural place (47% of users) while reading lights and shelves show it again soon. Curiously all the same in this study, large shelves seem easier to leave the reading lights, however, more discrete (respectively 20% and 11%).

As to which of these places (TV, bed, transport, circle of friends / family situation of waiting, toilets, meetings, shopping or other) is most often associated with the use of these devices is again on TV that dominates the shelves (30% of the time) and the room for reading lights (37%). For smartphones, highly mobile excellence, television (20%) just ahead of other situations (19%) did not meet the proposed criteria.


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