Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hide Chrome and Chromebook Chrome OS address bar

One of the things I like about Chrome user interface is clean and minimalist ...

However, the last update of the Canary channel versions and Dev have incorporated a feature that allows us to further simplify the top of your browser.

Navigation Compact is an experimental feature that when enabled allows us to hide the address bar of your open tabs and return to display in a popup window by clicking on the tab focused.

In the following video tutorial shows the steps to use Compact Navigation

  •  Type in the address bar about: flags and press ENTER
  •  Find the experimental feature Compact Navigation and click Enable
  •  Restart the browser
  •  Right click on the selected tab and select Hide the toolbar

That's it, now you will notice that the menu Tools and navigation arrows are displayed next to the tabs.

To access the address bar simply to click on the current tab . Also, when you open a new tab automatically shows the address bar to enter a URL list


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