Saturday, May 21, 2011

Attribution of the term 'App Store': Cupertino sends roses to Amazon

Apple considers to be within its rights relating to the matter of "App Store", and intends to inform the Amazon. According to our colleagues from Bloomberg , Apple has indeed responded to the attack of Amazon, the two firms opposed the name of the holder of the absolute term "App Store". If the Apple chose to drop the name as brand, Amazon, Microsoft and others believe that other award is illegal under the law, and that insofar as the term is considered too "generic."

Here Pat dreaded by competitors of Apple, and the origin of the battle fought over many weeks:

This is the first who said that ...

Recently, Amazon has not gone there with the back of the spoon, since she asked outright invalidation of the patent filing from Apple for Europe. Apple was expected to turn and it's done: Cupertino gave his position in a document submitted to a California court. Here is essentially the remarks made by Apple:
[Apple] denies that, on the basis of their common meaning, the word association 'app store' is a store for applications. The term is not commonly used by businesses to describe and download services, since the brand 'app store' is not generic, the Appstore for Android Amazon is not an 'app store '. "
Thus, for the Cupertino-term, 'app store' is a trademark and Amazon can not rely on its free use, as a result of what Apple claims exclusive rights. Stay tuned ...


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