Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apple refuses to help victim of Mac Defender virus

Mac Defender, Mac Protector, these two names you may say something. And for good reason since this is a particularly vicious malware and attacks all the machines running on Mac OS X. A real crap that has earned some sweat to a large number of users. Users who are obviously rushing to the Apple Store Genius closest homes to seek help. Yes, well, next time, it is better that they do not bother to move because Apple has told employees in a memo not to help users get into this terrible trap. Basically, if you are a victim of a virus, you only have to fend for your own ...

Remind yourself of all-how Mac Defender / Protector Mac for those who have not yet heard. Overall, the operation of this malware is relatively simple. The user visits a site, a window pops up on the screen informing him that his computer is infected, the message comes with a button to download an antivirus program, the user clicks on it and it's over. The alleged antivirus is not one and it is precisely from the time we install on our computer as his last will come under attack from a virus. Suffice to say that this is a scheme was previously known but only the prerogative of the machines running Windows.

But for those who are on Mac OS, this malware is completely new. That's probably why a good number of Internet users fell into the trap and have thus begun to quickly contact the manufacturer technicians. So far, nothing very unusual but it is ultimately the response from Apple that will not fail to surprise many.

For indeed, the firm has explicitly asked its employees not to intervene and does not help users who have fallen into the trap. According to the firm, removing malware is not part of the services can be made ​​by technicians AppleCare or even by employees working in different Apple Store that dot the world. So it asked them not to communicate in any way on this famous malware. Worse, they do not even have the right to confirm the infection. All they can do, ultimately, is to push customers to download an antivirus on the Mac App Store ....

Specifically, therefore, Apple prepares for the future. Mac OS X is selling better and better and the system may therefore be increasingly targeted by virus writers. In this context, rather than facing its responsibilities, the firm prefers to turn his back on his customers and leave them alone to face this difficult situation. The worst thing is that how to get rid of Mac Defender / Mac Protector is frankly very simple. Besides, if you are a victim, the entire procedure is explained in this article . For the rest, if you can not eradicate this malware, you can always take a chance and call one of the technicians of the firm. In an interview with a journalist from ZDNet , one of the latter in any case revealed that the note would not be respected.

Sometimes, disobedience is the most viable answer.


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