Friday, May 20, 2011

iTunes Cloud: deal with Sony patent for offline sync

Apple and major music companies are making progress. A day after an agreement with EMI has also signed to Sony to provide its music to Apple's online music service announced. Working through the cloud principle: media is stored online and is also from any computer with an Internet connection away. It was to be expected, but a new patent confirms that the cloud service works from iTunes and sync. The patent raises an interesting possibility of service map.

The cloud service Apple will likely have the option to provide the first piece of a song to load on the iPhone. It is an option that can be turned on and unchecked. If you select the option, the first part of a song uploaded from the iPhone and then the rest of the song streamed online. It seems a good option not to have to wait until a song starts when you sit on a 3G connection. The same patent shows that you at least need a 3G connection to use the service. Because parts of your songs on the iPhone however, saving is Apple's service with the option enabled no real cloud. One of the ideas behind a cloud is right that you do not need to free up space for media, but that is so clearly necessary.

The agreement with Sony is a windfall for Apple. After earlier EMI and Warner Music is now only one major record company - but that is the greatest of all. The Universal Music Group has not yet reached an agreement with Apple. The Next Web expects the announcement of the deal hoped at the World Wide Developer's Conference WWDC Apple from June 6 to 10.


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