Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apple MobileMe 2.0 / icloud on June 6?

WWDC usually devoted to new developments and new technologies implemented by Apple. Or just the guy from CNet dug a little topic and it seems that the firm has managed to sign a deal with EMI and it is even ready to do the same with other record labels. If that information is correct, then MobileMe 2.0 / icloud could be presented on 6 June. Although we have very very looking forward to it.

At a time not so long ago, paperless music, available streaming on the web was just a sweet dream. Some even raised to the rank of utopia and we were ultimately very likely to think that the majors do not overstep not ever. And Blogmusik / Deezer appeared, followed by other loan companies wishing to offer the same type of services. Services like Spotify, which is used by millions and millions of people around the world and could soon even offer nothing less than movies .
The market moves a lot. Recently, two heavyweights in the web that have joined the race:Amazon and Google . Firms that everyone knows but have not reached an agreement with record companies and thus have opted for solutions alternatives. And as we know, Apple is also preparing a solution of this type. Even as the latest news, the platform was readyand he would remain with the firm to negotiate with the majors to distribute their catalog to its service.
If one believes the latest noise corridor on the subject, then these negotiations were proceeding well. Apple is thus already reached agreement with EMI and it would be a matter of time before Sony and Universal to do everything same. Note also that these are already working with Spotify and have even invested heavily in its capital since Sony, Universal, Warner, EMI and Merlin holds 18%. We must believe that the experience has borne fruit and that these great names in music did not want to stop there.
Finally, it is very good news for us. Afterwards, the only question that remains unanswered, is whether MobileMe 2.0 / icloud is closer to Spotify, Google Music or both


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