Thursday, May 19, 2011

Google Android: Gameloft change its DRM

So far, at least to go through customer service or to recover an APK file that goes well, it was impossible to download a Gameloft game on a new phone or a new touch pad without having to Android out of its new credit card. Not really nice, definitely. Fortunately, the publisher decided to change its DRM and to simplify the lives of its customers by allowing them to download several times the titles purchased. Here we are saved ...

The procedure put in place is rather simple. To get a game again before you buy, simply log onto the site and choose from Gameloft title that you want to download. Nothing else. No need to sacrifice a cow or supplier's customer service editor, everything is handled transparently to the consumer and it's really good, especially for those who sometimes tend to change their mobile as a shirt.
Same thing, if we are to believe the guys DroidGamers , then it is possible that Gameloft is launching its games on the Market. Previously, to retrieve the titles of publisher, it is indeed necessary to log on its site, select the game you want and then to indicate his telephone number. After waiting a few minutes , we receive an SMS containing a link to download and install the game Soon all this will be ancient history, simply visit the Market to find our happiness.
However, all is not necessarily rosy either as a result of these changes, your old APK should normally be working.


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