Friday, May 6, 2011

Apple Considering Over-The-Air Update for iOS 5 (OTA)

Apple is planning on update its firmware for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad oTA(over-the air). iOS 5, next major update of the devices in IOS, the process could change, all without the help of computer . According to 9to5Mac Apple and the U.S. operator Verizon is on track to offer this service to users of the Apple. This service Over-the-air "is already offered in competition with Google and its Android operating system or HP / Palm OS WebOS.Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed if all operators (including France) are involved in this process. Even AT&T would not currently discuss it.

Although the idea of ​​updating his phone, his or her shelf wireless iPod is nice in itself, constraints are of the game. First, the size of updates. Indeed, it now takes at least 600 MB (on average) for each new IOS. The bandwidth will be quickly overloaded operators given the large number of devices under iOS existing in the world. Subsequently, the errors encountered. If during the transition to a new firmware comes an error occur, your iPhone and you'll look smart. iTunes to offer the advantage before the backup of your iPhone / iPod / iPad to reorder any problem if there a. Nevertheless, the data center from Apple that has existed for several months now and we still do not know the utility could serve as backup in the clouds. Point which coincides perfectly with the process, as outlined 9to5Mac.


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