Friday, May 6, 2011

AirServer Turns your Mac to a Receiver AirPlay

AirPlay for you to use half-generation Apple TV or other compatible device required, eg connected to an AirPort Express. With the new app AirServer ($ 3) make sure that any Mac AirPlay a device and converts audio, video and photos can stream. Since version 4.2 (November 2010) available iOS is AirPlay.

It lets you stream media to an iPhone,iPad , or Apple TV. With AirServer can now also on your Mac. After installation AirServer in the menu bar at the top. There is no separate app with its own interface. AirServer makes your Mac AirPlay an audio receiver, and for example can play louder than the iPhone is possible.
But it comes in many other situations in handy. You have such a large amount of photos taken with your iPhone and want it to show a group of people. Do you have an iMac or MacBook stand, you can use the photos as a slide show directly to the Mac streaming. AirServer is no IOS app and therefore not in the App Store to find, but to purchase through the website of the developer.


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