Thursday, May 5, 2011

MacDefender Malware Attack on Mac Users

This is important information, malware attacks, in fact, all machines running Mac OS X. Mac Defender is the name of this crap, takes the form of a virus but it is nothing. Rather, this malware can infect your data and even stealing the bank details of the user. Suffice to say that if you have a Mac, then it is best not to install because it could cost you a lot of trouble.
Ordinarily, it is rather the machines running Windows that are the target of attacks but sometimes our Macs are also found in the crosshairs of evil developers. Mac Defender is not the first tool of its kind but it must admit that those who have programmed it right. Using several SEO techniques, they have managed to position it very well on some queries (eg Google Images) , and no doubt that many users have already fall into the trap.

How Mac Defender is relatively simple. When it appears in search results and the user clicks on the link, unfortunately, a window opens and runs a fake scan of the system. A scan showing the presence of course lots of malware , history of more force our hand. The whole is accompanied by a button to get that damned file and, if your Mac is not configured correctly, then it will settle in the tread on your system.
And then, then? Once installed, the malware will not stop trigger alerts notifying you of the presence of viruses on your system and prompts you to enter your credit card number and purchase the tool to get rid of it . A fairly common technique, no doubt that all those who are working for many years on Windows already know this method. However, for those using Mac OS X is rather new. Cool.
If you have, do not worry because Intego also said the procedure to get rid of this rot of malware. Overall, we open the Activity Monitor, delete all processes related to Mac Defender, then delete the application of the same name and file behind a small rock with Spotlight search history to be sure everything runs properly on your bike. And, at worst, it might also be wise to install a real anti-virus to avoid unpleasant surprises


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