Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CutYourSim Unlock iPhone 4 / 3G with any baseband and without jailbreak

CutYourSim, a site known to remotely unlock multiple mobile devices, has announced it will now offer the service release of iPhone 3G, 3G and 4. According to reports, the method of release is remote, continuous and simple.

The release of the iPhone through CutYourSim is independent of the jailbreak or any other method, it works on any version of IOS with any baseband.

"Do not worry about the latest IOS, your phone will be released for good"

Although they offer support throughout the process of releasing the iPhone, not specified the method used.

However, the hacker MuscleNerd Dev-Team has said it is a release based on code obtained directly from the database is done using Apple iTunes.

The release provided by CutYourSim is similar to the release by IMEI used by mobile operators, which makes it legitimate.

The only problem is the high price. They are asking $ 169 for the unlock service.

By now it should be cautious and wait for the comments of others.


I bought a sim at www.unlockaniphone.org and it fit to my budget for only $30 I already have my iPhone 4 back working and alive.

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