Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Angry Birds Sync available before the summer?

Angry Birds, the famous title of Rovio , is available on many platforms. It is found on IOS, Google Android, Mac OS, and we know very well that this is only the beginning. In this context, what is sorely lacking in respect, it is ultimately a utility that allows players to synchronize parts easily from one platform to another. And indeed, Rovio is currently working on an instrument of this type. Even his name is Angry Birds Sync and it should land before next summer.

Angry Birds is not an easy game, especially not when trying to get the maximum out of each level. Here, friends, it's just impossible. But the worst, most terrible is that if you are having trouble, if you manage to achieve a flawless and then you change the machine, then you must start over from the start. Can you imagine a little? All those hours spent in obtaining the perfect score and then back to square one and start all over again and again ... Hell.
But all that will soon change. Oh yes, and that's great news, of course. It is known that Apple is trying to work on solving a cloud that would easily recover all its applications (and their backups) for several iDevice, but will probably wait a while before we enjoy and do not know anyway if it really match our expectations. That said, what one has learned is that Rovio does not rely on Apple and is currently working on developing a synchronization tool.
Angry Birds Sync, it is called, should reach the market before the summer and allow players to easily recover their portion of a device to another. If you have an iPhone, iPad, a Mac, androphone or any other product capable of running the title of Rovio, then you will not have to take the lead each time to start your game and it's a good thing. Great, great, great, it was very very eager to learn more about the subject.
Oh and while we're at, you should know that Rovio will soon implement 15 new levels on Angry Birds Seasons. But be careful, eh, because they will land on iOS priority and we will have to wait a bit before we take competitive products. I know, I know it's not necessarily happy but am getting used to.



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