Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Windows 8 App Store ?

 App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch, that was pretty well played. The sales of a product relate is a fact, at least if the product is interesting, but not as a complete ecosystem. And when we see the benefits conveyed by the mobile application platform from Apple, it is understandable why many builders are now building on them. Microsoft is no exception to the rule and a Windows App Store will be fully integrated into the next version of the operating system from the editor: Windows 8 . Below is what looks very much like the first screenshot of the application.

Well, in these cases, always take tweezers and be extremely careful about what we will say, but this time we will assume that this capture is real, and verified that it is actually many of the familiar Windows App Store which there is already talk for a while. What we can notice is that the tool should play the card of minimalism. It's a good thing, especially after the publication of these other catches, which this time directed a Windows Explorer carrying a tape similar to that found in recent versions of Office. With any luck, Microsoft may reflect carefully about the issue and leave aside.

In the sidebar, there is a series of icons and shortcuts. The first will allow you to view all applications installed on your machine, the lowest found a link to the Windows App Store, which should equally find editions of Windows software developers. No doubt the economic model of the latter should be similar to what the competition offers: 30% for the editor (well more or less) and 70% for the developer. Then there are two shortcuts you can view the downloads in progress and as downloads. It's a bit redundant, one would have imagined all this information together in a single window, but why not. Interestingly, one can also note the presence of a link "My Gift." Obviously, it will be possible to offer an application to a friend. Logically, there is still money to be taken. Finally, we note the presence of four links, allowing you to access the tool options.

Right, it's no great surprise that we find a page displaying all products in one. Some will probably free (Internet Explorer) and others will obviously pay (Office 2010, Windows 7 Ultimate, ...) . In passing, we notice the presence of the application Angry Birds but it looks like a poorly done installation. It suffices to look at the name of the editor to realize that something does not stick. We can conclude with this presentation by noting the presence of a second tab, this time pointing to categories of applications.

In my case, this Windows App Store leaves me unmoved. Admittedly, I no longer work on Windows now for a while, but I appreciate all de same Microsoft products. That said, see also the emergence of yet another App Store, that leaves me totally flabbergasted. Everyone is now offering this type of ecosystem, but most firms who succumb to the temptation merely to repeat what already exists. It's a shame, I think Microsoft could have gone a little further and add applications and games from other media, other media.

What bothers me most is the content of this Windows App Store. When one casts a glance toward the Phone 7 on Windows Marketplace, for example, one realizes that the mobile ecosystem of the firm did not appeal to all developers. Many publishers have preferred to bet on IOS or even on Android and it will probably take some time before Microsoft catches up with competition. However, this concern must be measured since Windows is used by a majority of people around the world and it benefits from a pool of developers especially so. This Windows App Store could allow them to better communicate their work to reach new customers, new market and we can therefore imagine that it will not uphill struggle.


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