Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tinyumbrella updated to version 4.21.13 to Support iOS 4.3 GM

TinyUmbrella just upgrade to the v ersion 21.04.1913 and provides support for 4.3 iOS GM at the moment. It is quite possible that next week when it launches iOS 4.3 final version gets updated.

Depend partly on the support offered by the DevTeam , but now the insurance is to iOS Jailbreak 4.2. Furthermore, the DevTeam has more work to think about as the latest release of the iPhone baseband 4, which are not yet available and many users ask for this topic.
This update TinyUmbrella with which you can save your files SHSH to downgrade version offers support for IOS gold master version 4.3, and to use the system proxy settings when starting the manager TinyUmbrella. Its developer has made some adjustments to expedite the process of saving files SHSH.
It also works with Windows to drive recovery in the 4.2.1 Jailbreak with IOS in a forthcoming update will be corrected.
TinyUmbrella v.4.21.13 for Mac
TinyUmbrella v.4.21.13 for Windows  


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