Saturday, March 5, 2011

What was Missing from the Apple iPad 2 Keynote

When the iPad 2 was unveiled last Wednesday, everyone expected the presentation of something new and amazing she was to confirm some of the major expectations of the general public. We witnessed the presentation of a new device, hoping that this great man, Steve Jobs presenting new White iPhone  4 , promised and postponed until next spring. But it was not so, because this project - despite the iPad 2 will be sold - right now, at least, is what people think - even in white.

A second aspect of the general public has rejected the submission of a replacement for MobileMe, removed from the shelves for some time due to the low success of the program. MobileMe and was kind of a cloud computing system to enable synchronization of calendar, mail, and data without the need for wiring or the physical presence of your PC or Mac - however - provided an annual cost $99 . Many users, therefore, have preferred not to subscribe to the service, using (where possible) other types of services such as Dropbox and cloud services from Google. And for this competition, we expected a new and innovative service - preferably free - to compete with these two new systems: expectation has not been confirmed, Jobs yesterday was limited to presenting only the iPad 2.
A third product that is hoped to appoint hearing iOS 5 . We were hoping for a big revolution in the firmware, with new drugs for users of smartphones such as iPhone 3 or 4, improving the way you use the voice control and multitasking, but - surprise, surprise - this news has not arrived. Yes, because the chosen few to preview the new firmware will be the only people who will use it as a basis for creating new applications, developers. It will have the chance to view it as soon as possible, because the presentation of the new device is planned for the next few weeks.


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