Monday, March 7, 2011

iPhone 5: A New Design for the upcoming Smartphone Apple?

The iPad 2 just go out and it is time to look a little closer to iPhone 5. For indeed, a new rumor is being spread like wildfire on the web. According to Mac Rumors , the next cell phone cabbage could indeed propose a new design. What has not missed inspire some talented designers for their mockups ... And indeed, you'll be able to explore a little further down a magnificent creation Macotakara ...


This change would mainly affect the back of the camera. According to Chinese sources, it would appear that the Cupertino company is about to abandon the glass facade to ... return to aluminum. Quite funny when we think it would be a true homecoming for the Apple.For those who have not had this torrid time, it recalls that the first iPhone also proposed a metal back.
More interestingly, if the rumor is true, then this new iPhone would be closer to other products of the firm. After all, aside from some MacBook and iPod, they offer all aluminum hulls and the unibody is no shortage of charm. Especially with the curves of the iPad or MacBook Air, though. A phone does this kind of probably not wanting to make a splash with fans.
Course there is the question of the antenna. The aluminum could cause a lot of trouble at the signal transmission. And when you see all the problems raised by the AntennaGate, one may wonder if Apple will take that risk. Unless, of course, add plastic strip on the back of the unit, as proposed that the first iPhone 3G or the iPad. But here, for sure, it would be far less glamorous.
Anyway, we'll soon know what it is. Let us not forget that the bitten apple has made a habit out new versions of its mobile phone with the approach of summer. This which simply means that we only have weeks to wait. And of course, something tells me that the rumors about the iPhone 5 are just beginning ...


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