Monday, March 28, 2011

iOS 4.3.1 is jailbroken (but not for the iPad 2 and tethered)

Good news for all the iPhone users who can not live without unleash their smartphone cabbage, iOS 4.3.1 has held only two days before being jailbroken. Not bad, it's true, but not perfect since it's just a jailbreak "tethered" which simply means that you must always connect to your iDevice your bike when it shut off and then restart it with the utility that is fine. Yes, and another thing not especially cool is that jailbreak does not work with the iPad 2.

It is that last Friday iOS 4.3.1 pointed the tip of his nose. A minor update, sure, but that corrects all-in-even a small handful of bugs. Among these include the resolution of a flickering image when using an AV adapter with some TV, the resolution of an authentication problem with some business services or correcting a problem which affected screen iPod Touch 4G.
Also note that iOS 4.3.1 also corrects a problem of battery consumption. Problem detected by a large number of users on iOS 4.3. But that's not all. iOS 4.3.1 could also have another purpose: to limit the jailbreak of the iPad 2. Inevitably, this would not be very surprising. The iPad 2 has just been released and we understand that the bitten apple has implemented new safeguards on its touch pad. Now, having said that, we recall that Comex has already managed to jailbreak the iPad 2 . It also expects a publicly available tool to be able to benefit from our side.
Anyway, for those who would wish to attempt the adventure, you must know that you can go through PwnageTool 4.2 to unlock your iDevice. However, as mentioned just above, there is a version of "tethered" and you'll need a computer to resume operation as soon as your precious off. In any case, if point does not stop you, know that you can find a complete tutorial in iHelplounge . This is written in English but many catches accompanying the article help you better visualize what to do.
That and if not, you also know that the guys behind Sn0wbreeze have updated their tool tonight . Again, it's "tethered" but it can still be of interest. Besides, if you've tried it and you want to share this incredible adventure with us human, do not deprive yourself, the comments are just that. Oh and while I think the other good news of the day is that Cydia has been updated.


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